Uhhhhhhh, Self-Care Anyone?
fatal attraction

I had no idea how to take care of myself when I got sober. For me, it took a year of recovery and many stressful days and nights to arrive at the conclusion that I am not a person who one might call a “pro” at self-care (side note: self-care is apparently a verb; “so and so […]

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HOLY WHAAAAAT. I am one year and one day sober. F^&$)?:@^{%~*<‘@!,;”#=+£€•}! Fuckity fuck fuck fuck. The most important thing I can say here (that is not an expletive) is thank you. Thank you to every single person who made themselves available to help me. Thank you to those who allowed me to be a part […]

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360 Degrees of Separation

Today marks my 360th day of sobriety. Only 5 days stand between me and, well, just another standard issue, miracle-laced 24-hour period. All sorts of scary and wonderful thoughts have been coming to the surface lately. I am at once beaming with joy and terrified that I am accountable to a mystical and loving Higher […]

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Yes, I Accept.

Typically, whenever I utter the words, “yes, I accept,” there is a an unmistakable shit-eating grin on my face and a twinkle in my eye.  The only times I have ever found these words worthy of eliciting my signature response apply to the following situations: A). I have been offered a badass job, B). Apple products require […]

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The Moment I Wake Up…

God, I love that song. I also love Dionne Warwick, who originally sang with a group called the Drinkard Sisters…appropriate much??? At any rate, I’ve had that song in my head since last night because a curious thing started to happen: I began to see and hear prayer requests coming from my friends, friends of […]

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