What is Recoverati?

a site dedicated to exploring the underbelly of recovery with wit and affectionate cynicism

I relate most when I witness honesty. Therefore, I offer the mistakes, fumbles, joys and analyses of my life in real-time.




My name is Lucy Hartman and I am a recovering alcoholic who is holding onto her edge. I got sober in Los Angeles with the most creative and least well-adjusted population on the planet–so I fit right in. While I am beyond grateful that I am no longer a drunken sexpot, I want to continue to hold a flame for the women who still are.

It’s hard to get sober, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be funny.

Welcome to the recovering sluts, addicts, and hot messes among us. Recoverati features essays, articles and interviews from hard-earned wisdom in sobriety.


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