What is RecoveratiTM?

RecoveratiTM is a site dedicated to exploring the underbelly of recovery with wit and affectionate cynicism. If you are like me–a person solid in your decision to be sober–then you are probably moved by miraculous stories about lives changing, particularly your own. But what about the ungraceful part of your journey? I relate most when I witness honesty. Therefore, I offer the mistakes, fumbles, joys and analyses of my life in real-time. If you are a visitor to this site who does NOT struggle with substance abuse or addiction, then I invite you to share in an accurate perspective of the before and after process of sobriety straight from the source. Come to Recoverati to learn, buy cool shit and enjoy an examined life sans booze, drugs and indiscriminate sex.

Why essays?

I like to talk about myself. I think that first-person narratives make the most powerful statements. Recoverati is an intimate space where I share things that might feel scary to expose but pay dividends if someone reading can relate. My mission is to make others struggling with addiction (or enjoying it) feel less alone. I’ve got plenty of stories about what has gone wrong, yet I am no less hopeful about the exceptional life I’ve chosen to live.

Why are you compelled to express yourself?

I can’t look at one more website that offers cliché statements about recovery and sobriety. So I’m offering my own. I’ve opened an online store featuring merchandise that is actually cute and wearable, regardless of your blood alcohol content. When you feel good, you look good. Try that on for size.