It’s hard to get sober, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be funny.

Welcome to the recovering sluts, addicts, and hot messes among us.

Recoverati features essays, articles and interviews from hard-earned wisdom in sobriety.

Lucy Pop ArtMy name is Lucy Hartman and I am a recovering alcoholic who is holding onto her edge. I got sober in Los Angeles with the most creative and least well-adjusted population on the planet–so I fit right in. While I am beyond grateful that I am no longer a drunken sexpot, I want to continue to hold a flame for the women who still are.

buy cool shit and
enjoy an examined life
sans booze, drugs and indiscriminate sex.

I offer my personal accounts of blackout stupors and hook ups gone horribly wrong for the entertainment value and lessons that I refused to learn so that you might learn them yourself. For the purposes of this site, I am at most a reliable feminist voice in recovery and at worst a self-involved, highly motivated woman on a mission to build an online sober community.



“Wow, Lucy. Chilling and beautifully written. Thanks for challenging my brain today and opening my eyes a little wider. ❤” – MG M.

“I love Lucy’s writing. The way she bares all is an inspiration. I adore her story of recovery and redemption. Just dive in and get lost. ?” – Tim S.

“I love the Lucy’s writing style. It’s raw yet refined and full of realness. Brilliant.” – Lauren DTP

One of my essays was featured in this book.